How to Pray

as if approaching a wild animal, a deer
or a sleeping fox
move quietly
enter with awe
bring flowers, sweet talk
honey, or a blessing smoke
music to call the moon and stars down

lower yourself in the face of beauty bigger
than you can hold

forget your name and open
yourself in pure amazement
praising the billions of beautiful mutations, colored
gases, spirits

sing loud, show some leg
speak like a strong wind
call the spirits to gather close
to hear your heart

raise your hands up
shake the ground
as lightning can wake the earth
ring the bells inside you, and sing
the call to worship.
dance like it’s your chance to vibrate the air
and wake the gods

shake every atom, call attention
lure the sky down to earth.

let the tears, your soul,
spill open.

take the 2 year old child that is your mind
to the grandmother of all time
kiss her hand the earth,
her eye of sun, her blood you drink
take off your shoes in her night house.
give up with every cell in your body


in your hands uncurl
your soul’s deepest longings

and ask like you would
ask a lover
for sweet touch

open the inner doors
let healing hands of the divine

don’t forget
and thank you




Sage L. Maurer

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