A woman drawn back to the sea,
shores her elder’s left
searching for seeds they carried

she chases the intoxicating flowers to the corners
of the earth, the ones that spin
a fury of fire in the body
and turn the eyes to God.

Soothing her weary bones
in grandmother’s hands
Ra’s lilies delivering her to the belly
of the moon

She chases the intoxicating leaves
who bend her ear to heaven,
and move her blood with Oya’s hand.

Jungle to hand, to market, she chases the intoxicating fruits,
a sweet hunter.
Colorful pulp and seeds of spice spilling
from her mother’s hands

Crushed like wet sand, flesh
of the stars, and the dreams of trees.

The juices of Oshun,
seeds of rebirth, released from soft chambers
into her mouth

the food of the feathered serpent,
held ripe in the hands of the Sun.

Come she asks, drink this juice.

She chases Danu’s skirt, the intoxicating waters,
Rivers that carry her through time.
Entering the banks


drink from the waters of the moon,
from the prophet’s vision
waters of Yemaya’s labor and tears,
rivers whose depths you have been craving.

drink this juice,
It will free you from fear.
Bring the dust of the stars down
to earth

unlock the secret
whispers of your longing

and open your lips to drink again.


Sage Maurer

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